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i have a sleeping history with dr duncan. last semester we had a 7.40 am final that i didn’t take until ten after monson came knocking at my door wondering why i wasn’t at the exam. i got lucky.

then, a couple months ago, i did a little deja vu and slept through her class. we joked about how awful it would be if someone did that on a day of a final… she was very understanding of the matter. on tuesday, the same thing happened–missed the class entirely. i was very angry because i had done the reading and was eager to learn so i wrote the following email:

I slept through class today again, and I’m very sorry. Hopefully this will be

the last time.

I had some questions over the play, and I apologize if you already went over

them in class. [questions].

Thanks! Again, I hate it that i missed today. Arg.


today is thursday, and when i woke up, my clock read 10.22. granted, my clock is fifteen minutes fast, but dr duncan’s class is at 9.40. i shouted, “no!” i threw some clothes on and headed out the door. i walked in her class over thirty minutes late, and all dr duncan did was smile and shake her head. i think she was recalling our sleeping history.

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ladies love cool lynch.

today i had the honor of speaking to my most favorite professor. he makes me want to have irish babies.

it was the only good thing that came out of res life’s horrible fire drill in the early hours of this day. that, and i got to see my dear anjali.

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