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so many things have happened in the last few days: kate got married, omaha adventures, simon and garfunkel, swim lessons; yet, i am so sad right now detail is impossible…

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yesterday the mercury creeped high enough for the pool to reopen after a five-day hiatus only to shut down again at four due to rain. but today the sun was shining, and we were able to host axtellians all day long.

kate’s wedding is this saturday, and i’m super-excited for abby to come home for a few days on thursday and to see susan again. (ab, the water is looking beautiful so when you get here, you’ll beable to use me for a swimming hole like you always do. ;)) also, i was hesitant for a long time about the choices kate’s been making lately, but after spending a lot more time with jay, i think she’s doing the right thing. a lot of stuff jay says and does reminds me of ian–and that has to be a good sign. 🙂

tomorrow i am getting my eyes checked, and i’m nervous. i think i’m going blind–never a good thing. but it could be worse, cortney’s getting her wisdom teeth pulled. so everyone, think of both of us tomorrow morning.

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it’s freezing. the last three days have been too cold for the pool to open, and today it only hit 56 degrees. i feel like a slacker that i haven’t worked in so long, but it’s been raining too, and i can’t complain getting to see dad more than usual for this time of the year. the house tonight was so cold that we had a fire, and now it smells like christmas. i think i’m going to sleep in front of the hearth tonight like a cat. nothing like falling asleep to the crackles of flames. ahh… the warmth calls to me.

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here’s a funny thing. as soon as i finished my last post commenting on my car trouble, i drove home and hit a coyote. insanity.

tonight chris, cortney, dustin, and i had a wonderfully over-priced supper at south fork, minden’s only burgeresque joint. it was super-fun. it was great to hear our old high school stories of pulling fire alarms, being bad, and such. dustin and i made our upcoming nuptials official. i’m going to be great farm wife and raise a large brood of blond scandinavaians. can’t wait. 😉

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ian sent me this article, and for someone who spends hours a day cleaning and cleaning a swimming pool, i hope it’s not hard to understand why it was not well received. but, ab, it did remind me of that staph infection you got from the hildreth pool that one year. hmm.

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i’ve had lots of things happen the past few days that i’ve tried to make mental notes of to take down in this blog of mine, but our internet isn’t working so i’m now at cl jones middle school using my mother’s school computer trying to remember them all.

first off, i’ve had terrible car problems. the actual cars i’ve been driving are working just fine, but on saturday i got pulled over for speeding and a couple days ago on the way to axtell i nearly ran into a wild turkey crossing the road. those things were much bigger than i remembered. bigger than any one i had eaten during the holidays.

two, i saw a girl i used to be good friends with my first couple years of high school yesterday. we grew apart when she got pregnant and married young; we just didn’t have much in common after awhile. anyway, i met her little boys yesterday, found out she recently left her husband, and am now very thankful my life is where it is. it totally caught me off guard when she asked where i was living. at home with my parents of course…

thirdly, younguns are dumbuns. the past few days i’ve asked every lifeguard (aged 16-18) that works at the pool why the flags are at half-staff. they had no idea. when i told them reagan had died, two of them thought he was already dead. i weep for the future.

that’s all i can remember–except that now abby is gone. flown to our neighboring country to the south early this morning. i will miss her so. i don’t know why those study abroad nerds get to hang out with her and i don’t. arg.

btw, i met my future farmer husband. he’s so hilarious i accidentally called him ian today.

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kids are mouthy, but they are also little joys. if i didn’t have their bright eyes to see everyday and hear their voices calling up at me to see the size of their splashes, i’d be sad. the sun is wearing me out. i think i’m going to age 20 years in this one summer, and this working life is forcing me to be in bed by eleven. what is happening to me?! complaining about the sun and going to bed early. it’s still me–i promise.

the good news is that i spent last night with the thomsen sisters & co. and got to see the new harry potter with ab. good times. i was sad to leave lincoln all too-early this morning. i wish i could spend all my time with kate and abby before kate leaves for arizona and abby to mexico. those dates are approaching far too quickly. i’m going to go hug chris.*�

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