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am feeling much better–emotionally ick–wise. first, kate came up to visit me this weekend, and i can’t express how splendid it was. two, i made some decisions that have put my mind/heart at rest for the time being. three and most fabulous, i got an email from dr lynch this morning stating i didn’t know how happy my correspondence had made him feel. ahh…

hope everyone has a great day. i’m on duty tonight. gross freshmen. ick. i think i’m coming down with something.

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so… i’m very sad; and since sadness is not an emotion i frequent very often, i don’t know how to handle it. last night something changed between ben and me. i don’t know what it quite is or how it happened, but now it’s there, and i am sad. we talked this evening and apparently everything is “fine”, but it doesn’t feel fine. i wish i weren’t here, and i wish i didn’t have to facilitate a stupid floor meeting with a stupid ice-breaker in two hours. someone please give me guidance.

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back to the arizona life and their way of things. ra training is almost over, and looking back, it doesn’t seem as bad as i thought it’d be. the pro staff here in cholla is much better than last year’s–i’ve only had one “attitude” talk. hee. hee.

the drive here was so much better than my other road trips–thanks to cortney and ryan. the chicas did all the driving, but ryan’s company was appreciated. once we got to az i had to start stinking training immediately so my hosting skills were extremely lacking. hopefully cort and ryan can return when i have more time and when it’s not so hot out. fingers crossed.

that’s all for now. i still haven’t unpacked, and zillions of posters need to be made. napoleon dynamite is an amazing film. everyone should see it.

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well, tonight was wonderful. ab worked at the pool in the afternoon, and then we played just like we used to when we were little. she did a good job forgetting her responsibilities for awhile; although i must say, i am a way better little creek and spirit stallion of the cimarron than she is.

from seven til ten it was late night swim for kids twelve and under, and it was a great time judging biggest splash and longest handstand contests. ah, childhood.

on a downside, i said good-bye to chris last night for a long while. twas hard letting go of my baby, but at least my farewells are a bit spaced out. think of me on thursday and friday. eek.

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