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i just printed my final anthropology project: a day in the life of an ancient minoan rebel. i hope the professor likes it. when i reread it a few minutes ago, i thought, “did i really write this?” i must have been in a strange state last night at mustang library. we also have a final quiz today then anthropology is over. it’s pretty insane that it’s already been five weeks. i have a feeling that i’m not going to like geography and its lab next session… but i’ll take the positive outlook: maybe he’ll let us out early a lot!

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just finished making another of my mother’s dishes: tater tot casserole. i hope errol likes it. sometimes i don’t understand that boy. he claims he’s hungry all the time but never seems to eat. hopefully, having prepared meals will help.

i’m listening to christmas carols right now. i love christmas. this year’s will be the best yet.

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bewitched is a hilarious movie! errol and i went to it last night after work, and it’s really, really good. it had a preview for rent too which was also very exciting.

when i got back from j.crew this afternoon, errol had a dozen roses waiting for me. isn’t he the greatest?

going to work phantom again tonight. on thursday i watched it for the first time since it got here, and it was excellent. i think i liked the production i saw at kansas city best, but all of them have been good. the same actress who played christine in omaha a few summers ago is the one i saw on thursday. crazy, huh? wouldn’t you be sick of playing the same role year after year? i would.

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i just spent the last hour browsing the internet for wedding dresses. i really would like to find one–not because i am nervous i won’t find it in time or anything, but because i am so sick of going to j.crew and hearing from my 32 year-old, cat-loving, wishes she were married already manager, “have you ordered your gown yet?” ick. enough already! bud out!

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i just got out of my math class, and i am so angry. our professor is seriously the worst teacher in the world. whenever one of us asks a question off the homework that isn’t exactly like a example in the book, the teacher responds: “i’ll have to get back to you on that one” or “this won’t be on the test.” ahh! it’s driving me crazy. i understand that most bad math teachers don’t know how to teach the math, but at least they know how to do it. this one can’t do either. can’t wait til july 21.

in better news, i had lots of fun driving the golf cart yesterday. errol golfed an amazing 27 holes, and i know that i would have died if it hadn’t been for that fabulous little cart. it makes me want to get one of those jobs on campus where you zoom around honking at all the pedestrians to make way. after golf i took errol out to red lobster for a birthday supper that was just the two of us. it was pretty delicious–no crab-crackin’ mondays but the flounder was good. i couldn’t help but think i was eating ariel’s little friend though.

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well, yesterday was a busy day at our humble abode. how strange is it that errol and buttless have the same birthday? very. hopefully, they both had good days. i made cakes, bought presents, and took them to bamboo club. this afternoon errol and i are going golfing (errol golfs; i watch), and i’m excited to see him in his new digs. i’ll have my own personal j.crew model.

have yet to hear from the family about dad’s reaction to our father’s day present and am very eager for communication. i need reassurance that my gifts are perfection.

have an anthropology test in 40 minutes and must review.

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heaven smiled down on me today when jcrew called to say they had to cut hours, and i’m working only 5-10. ahh… this afternoon was nice. errol took me to get a pedicure. it was wonderful.

i forgot buttless’s parents would be stopping by today. i think the house looked rather good for company. i only felt bad that my stuff was all over the kitchen table. whoops.

errol had to work today from 3.30 til midnight. isn’t that insane? and he only gets a half-hour break. don’t get me started on the injustices of the service industry. sounds like a job for the caped crusader! (that’s batman, right?)

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