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four peaks tonight was fun. it’s weird how i feel like i know the philosophy faculty a lot better than the english/humanities.

j.crew today was fine. the sandals that i thought were lost were found.

also, it seems that i won’t be carless after all. (!)

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so yesterday:

i had the great idea to go tubing down the salt river when chris was here. i had heard that it was a lot of fun as long as plenty of sunscreen was applied. however, apparently, more than suncreen was needed to make our trip a success.

first, mapquest gave us the wrong directions. a trip that was supposed to take 30 minutes took 90, and that was thanks to ian, my knight in shining armour, once again saving me with correct directions.

second, once we got our tubes and bussed to the river, errol’s tube decided to deflate. we then had to wait another 15 minutes in the heat for a replacement.

third, chris lost a sandal to the river. he had to wrap his shirt around his foot because the ground was so hot on the walk back to the bus stop.

fourth, the lunchbox that i put our day’s supplies in was not waterproof. our lunch was a soggy mess.

fifth and most horrible, errol’s pocket on his swim trunks was not as secure as thought. my car keys, house key, and credit card were lost to the river.

another 90 minutes and $175 later, we were on our way back home with a freshly made car key.

this just in–

more bad news. errol was supposed to pick me up at the pool when i called him. apparently, his phone had died, and when no one answered the pool doors when he knocked at 7.55 (they always lock up early), he stopped at the src looking for me and then went home. sadly, i was inside watching the straggling rec swimmers til 8. i then waited outside the pool for 30 minutes. then, when everyone left and the lights dimmed, i decided that wasn’t the place for me. i ventured to the computing commons, mu, and src trying to find an open place with people–all while calling errol. ian was going to save me yet again, but then errol decided to turn on his newly charged phone. he’s on his way to pick me up now at 9.38. thanks.

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today was a very, very long day. i’ll give details tomorrow. right now i want to go to sleep and dream happy dreams.

what i don’t want to do is drive a stick shift. it’s very scary. what’s with rolling backwards on an incline? i really don’t want to give up my beautiful automatic.

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all the tension that has built up over the summer in our apartment exploded tonight. it’s very confusing and sad. everyone please send me wisdom.

in better news, chris is coming tomorrow! yay!

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being uncomfortable in your own home is about the worst thing in the world.

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back from the mini-break in tucson and very happy to be home. i knew this little vacation was going to be centered around the free golf that came with the hotel room, but i guess i didn’t realize how much time golf consumes. on friday errol golfs 18 holes. saturday 36. sunday 18. that’s a lot of golf for one weekend. i drove the golf cart for him 54 of those 72 holes, and that was more than enough for me. next time, i’m going to make sure i bring another golf widow (kate) to keep me company.

a nice outcome of the weekend was time with brad. he and errol golfed 18 on saturday, and he decided to ride back with us today and spend the night with errol. the three of us saw the movie murderball, and i highly recommend it.

the trouble with mini-breaks is feeling like you need time off once you get home and realizing you have to go back to school/work the next day.

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i’m so excited that i never have to drive to mesa at 8.45 a.m. ever again. the math requirement that i avoided through college is now fulfilled. yay! the final was relatively easy too. i was rather stupid and didn’t even look over the first chapter though. i thought, “logic? i liked that section. i know how to do that.” then, on the last page of the test, i totally blanked on what symbol stood for “and” and what symbol stood for “or”. luckily, i picked the right one, but it was a very close call. changed the answers then changed them back….you know the story.

now, all i have to do today is finish geography and learn everything about africa. it sucks that in all the horridness of guiliana’s class last semester, we never learned all the countries and their locations. stinking guiliana. i knew she would come back to haunt me.

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