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i was in a pretty bad mood when i came home from school yesterday. i was ordered off the bus at 3.22 p. because this crazy bus driver decided he wasn’t going to go the full route this particular occasion. so, i had to wait at the stop on mill, in the heat, til after four when the next bus came. i try so hard to advocate for public transportation in this town, but they do such a horrible job that it is very hard. i got home about 4.25 and was very thankful that i only had to work at gammage at six and hadn’t relied on the bus to get me home in a timely fashion to get to jcrew or something. needless to say, i wasn’t the happiest climbing the stairs to 214.


I saw a box at the doorway with an AIRMAIL sticker on it. i got a package from yuka in tokyo. she sent me a congrats card for the wedding and made me a little pink bear. isn’t that the greatest thing? nothing like a homemade teddy bear to get you out of a slump.

today was better yet. i got a 96 on my greek art test and getting fingerprinted for service learning only took fifteen minutes. then, i took a new bus route (still haven’t given up total hope) to visit errol at barnes and noble. there, i was able to get a lot of work done that i would have just continued to avoid if i had stayed at home.

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today’s a big day. i have my art history test in about an hour and a half, and i teach my first science club this afternoon. i’m more nervous about teaching than testing. we’re doing a “voice” activity where i’m having the kids pick an object from the rio salado and write a paragraph in the voice of the chosen object. i hope they do ok, and they don’t go too out of control.

i burned the tip of my middle finger taking banana bread out of the oven last night. i like to say, “i’ve got a hurt finger,” in my gretel voice. ah, maria and the gang, how i miss them.

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what a fabulous year it’s been. last night errol and i celebrated our one year anniversary. he gave me a gorgous tiffany’s necklace, and i feel so lucky to have him. i feel like the appropriate sentece to follow should be, “i wonder where we’ll be september 24, 2006.” however, i don’t wonder. i think this week we figured out that we’re going to stay just where we are. i feel really good about this decision. i’m excited to make buttless’s room an office. 🙂

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yesterady we went to flagstaff, and it was fabulous. I love it there so much. we should move. we went there because my dear friend from high school, miss audrey jensen, was playing volleyball with her fellow grizzlies against northern arizona university. i’ve gone to the montana v. nau game every year since i moved here. it’s been nice everytime. we had supper with marc too, and that was fun. we went to the brewery in flag, and it was much better this time than before. last time we were there, i needed a root canal very badly and had to leave because i was in so much pain. not neat.

tomorrow’s our one-year anniversary. pretty amazing. two months from today we’re getting hitched. even better.

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i didn’t have to work at j.crew today. that was nice. it’s hard to even convince myself that school is my real job when it has taken second priority to all my other jobs everyday this week. no, i had a good sunday: grocery shopping, football, and homework. i also did my home workout pilates video tonight because i didn’t want to drive to the gym. it reminded me of last fall and how i used to do it in cholla. ah, i love my apartment so much better than cholla.

i had another blast from the past yesterday. after errol and i had a dinner out with the palmers and good time at broken flowers, we went to anjali’s and shon’s birthday party. i had to force errol to go because he was afraid he’d run into someone he really didn’t want to see. luckily, she wasn’t there, and we got a good dose of what we don’t miss. it’s hard to believe that only a year ago i would have looked forward to a party like that, and last night i felt so out of place. it wasn’t like it wasn’t a good party. i’m just at a different place in my life than most of the people there.

movin’ out closed tonight. i like working at gammage, but i’m glad i’ll have some nights at home this week. the water and cable are finally fixed. for now…

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we just got back from a lovely evening with my aunt joyce from missouri. out of nowhere she left me a voicemail saying she was in phoenix for a conference and wanted to get together tonight. bazaarly, i was able to get my shift at gammage covered and hung out will aunt joyce for a long time. she wanted to see where we were getting married, and we took her out to oreganos and showed her the beauty of pizzacookie. i realized this was the first time i had a real conversation with one of my aunts or uncles. by real, i mean longer than five minutes. i see my other family a lot on holidays and such, but i felt like i really got to know aunt joyce tonight. this realization lead me to conclude that i don’t really know my other aunts and uncles at all.

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does everyone know that oprah is on at 11.30 at night? strange. anyway, i just saw a few minutes of it, and the subject of the day was teenagers’ irresponsibility with money. the video they showed was disgusting. the parents had given their 16 and 18 year olds credit cards, and the kids just bought whatever they wanted. the expert oprah had on said that parents have two responsibilities to pass down to their kids before they leave the house: know where babies come from and know where a dollar comes from. this got me thinking of my own upbringing as far as money is concerned. i definitely learned where a dollar came from, but i don’t think that lesson came from my parents. my parents never encouraged me to detassel or work at subway. i worked when i was young because it gave me my own money, and money brought independence–something i couldn’t get enough of. everyone has their own definition of how much money is enough for them. i can’t stomach the wealthy and upper-middle classers complaining about how poor they feel. at gammage, we’ve been holding baskets for donations for katrina victims at the end of the show. tonight, a man saw the basket and said, “enough already!” i really wanted to punch him. he was leaving a $75 ticketed broadway show to probably drive home to suburbia in his bmw, and he’s so annoyed with people asking for donations for people who have lost everything. i really wanted to punch him.

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