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good night, dear blogger, old friend.

hello, xanga:http://www.xanga.com/annelord

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so, yay it’s my wedding day. i don’t know if it’s nerves or just god hating me, but i’ve been up since four this morning. i wish i could sleep. i kind of have a big day today.

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so the shower yesterday was fun. thanks to all who attended. i’m very excited for mom, dad, and c to get here. yay!

errol cleaned the house today while i was at work. ah, perfection.

not much more to say–everything’s yet to happen.

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today the valley view kids took a field trip to asu, and it was very successful. i loved it! errol helped me give them the best 2 hour tour possible. he even played tag with them on the src fields. i took some pictures.

i’m starting to get very nervous for my interview. i want to do this so bad! stress.

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whatever happened to school buses? this morning 22 middle schoolers and their teacher were crammed into the city bus with us on their field trip to asu. one stepped on my toe. i wish i could donate 81A to scottsdale unified school district.

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you know, i thought today was going to suck. i had to work from 9-1.30 and then again from 6-10, but the day was much better than expected. i really do have a good life. sure, j.crew isn’t the greatest most of the time, but it’s also not the worst thing in the world. tonight after the “holiday meeting,” a few of us went out for drinks to vent. it was fabulous. i felt a little like carrie bradshaw, having cocktails after work with my girlfriends. i think ian’s really my only friend left outside of work, but that’s ok. i’m lucky that i consider the people i work with my friends. then, when i got home, i found a clean house and errol reading aloud to himself. i’m so lucky to have him. ah, peaceful spirit.

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beginning of venting session:

buttless makes me so mad sometimes. she ran the dishwasher today while we were out. we have one of those on-peak/off-peak electricity plans so it costs so much more money to use high amounts of energy during the on-peak hours. i had purposely not run it and was waiting until this evening when we were in off-peak hours. i agree with errol that the worst of it is that she probably thinks she’s helping out with housework by doing this. it would be much better if she just took out the trash once in awhile.

also, when we got back, there was a bunch of water on the kitchen floor. she won’t answer my text about the origin of this. i’m hoping it’s just a spill she didn’t clean up and not the dishwasher leaking.

end of venting session.

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