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A few months ago I was sure that we would be leaving our Scottsdale apartment behind, leaving ASU, and starting a new life somewhere else. Now, long past March 15, we still don’t know where we’ll be next year. Remarkably, it seems that there is a good chance we’ll be camping out in our little apartment for a couple more years. I haven’t put that much thought in this option since the decision hasn’t been made, but I’m leaning towards contentment regarding this decision. It will be nice to already have friends, know where things are, and be three hours from the Piersons. Having Mom and Dad in town for a short visit earlier in the week made me realize that the Phoenix metro area and I still have a lot to do together. I have yet to attend an entire spring training game and have never climbed Camelback mountatin. Yes, I think that I’m ok with staying here a little while longer.

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Spring breaks

This week has been Errol’s spring break, and it has caused me to reflect on the three spring breaks I experienced as an ASU student. Here’s a recap.

2003: Abby and bosom friend Melissa fly in from Lincoln to spend time in the sunny southwest. All three sisters reunite for trips to Yuma, Tucson, and San Diego. I, in Jamie’s absence, become the fourth member of the traveling gang of fertile women. Highlights of their visit include pining after outlaws at Old Tucson Studios, riding the escalator at a gigantic Target in San Diego, eating large slices of pizza on a rainy Mission Beach, and Kate driving us to the Sea World entrance.

2004: Had originally planned to do something fabulous with this week. Following my trip to Europe the previous summer, I had considered using this week to continue my adventures. However, my homesickness was in full force earlier that fall, and I had traded my Thanksgiving duty for spring break duty in order to return home for Thanksgiving in November. As a result, I was bound to center complex the second half of the spring break. The first half though, was partly spent in Long Beach, California where I attended a NODA conference. I was convinced to go by our fun-loving advisor and promises from friends they were also attending. A certain friend (thin, black hair, glasses) reneged on this promise (I later forgave him), and I had a good time nonetheless. I was treated to a trip to Universal Studios and the Santa Monica pier. Once back in Tempe, when I was not on duty, I spent a lot of the day sunbathing and reading at the SRC pool.

2005: I had just started working at J.Crew but luckily had already made plans so they granted me the time off. Errol, Buttless, and I made the lovely journey from Scottsdale to Murray, Utah. Having never been to Utah, I was excited to add another state to the list. We were given an excellent tour of Temple Square by a real-life missionary eager to share Jesus in Space and his love with all of us. I also enjoyed the ride on the light rail and episodes of Sex and the City in Buttless’s basement. We took a different route on the way back, and I finally got a real-life view of Las Vegas and the strip. I also enjoyed the trip over Hoover dam. Neat.

That’s it. I wish my pictures from these spring breaks were digital. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll scan some in and post them at a later date.

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First off, I’m very sorry that I have neglected my beautiful blog for all these weeks. I thought that my next entry would detail the events of Dad’s February visit. The photos from this visit have yet to be uploaded, and I didn’t feel the summary without the pictures could do that wonderful time the presteige it deserves. That said, I promise I will post those pictures soon.

Lately, I have been taking life one day at a time and dreaming of next year and the challenges that will accompany it. Errol has started to hear from graduate schools, and he promises me that we will know where we’ll be moving by the middle of April. April to me will be quite heavenly. I bought a plane ticket for Omaha and am planning on being home for Easter. I haven’t been home for this lovely holiday since 2002, and I can’t wait to hunt for malt ball eggs and jelly beans with Chris once again.

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