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A fireside Easter

Errol and I decided to come home for Easter thinking that it would be a chance for a lovely spring break. However, as we approached Omaha and the captain announced that it was 26 degrees and windy, we had an inkling we were in for a lovely but not so springy break.

Here are a couple pictures Dad took on Thursday after I drove home with snow blowing across the road.

Notice the green grass in the ditch on this one.

Yes, this has definitely been the coldest Easter weekend I’ve experienced, but it has been great. I think Errol had a successful visit at UNL, and we’ve had lots of fun with Chris. It really does feel like Christmas though. Dad has made two fires for us, Mom treated us to Alley Rose, and the boys and I attended a Tri-City Storm hockey game. Nothing like a little December in April.

One of Dad’s famous fires–just be careful to have the door totally open or totally closed otherwise you get a funny draft…

Flambée at Alley Rose.

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