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Out of Here

Thomsen is being discharged from the hospital tomorrow!  The doctor said he was ready to go today, but they agreed to keep him until Mom flies in tomorrow afternoon.  We’ll be home in Lincoln on Wednesday. Hurray!

It all seems very real now.  Ian kindly took me to Babies R Us last night and helped with the purchasing of a car seat/stroller travel system.  I was a little nervous, but Thomsen passed the car seat challenge with flying colors last night.  The challenge consists of the baby sitting in the car seat for an hour without his oxygen levels and heart rate falling.  Thom did not have any of these problems, but he was not happy for a lot of the time.  I promised the nurse that once we get this bout of travel done, we would stay put for a long time and not subject our little one to any unecessary horrors of the car seat.

Thom is fattening up at 3 lbs 7 oz.

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Bottle Mania

For those of you who aren’t aware, there are three tasks a baby must accomplish before being discharged from the NICU.  These are:

1. Be gaining weight.

2. Maintaining temperature in an open-air crib.

3. Taking all feeds orally.

Feeding is supposed to be by far the most challenging task for little ones; however, Thomsen is excelling.  He has been downing bottles left and right.  At our last feeding at two, Julie put12 cc of extra milk in Thom’s bottle, and he drank the whole thing.  He seems to be enjoying eating as much as his mama. Yay!

Two nights ago we gave him a bath, and it went very well.  Errol is convinced that he will be a little swimmer.  I wish we had pictures of this, but alas, the camera was upstairs during the occasion.  I’m sure there will be many more opportunites for fun naked baby photos–especially in the duck tub!

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Last Tuesday we introduced Thomsen to the wonderful world of feeding.  The first two days we tried nippling him on the breast, and he did really well.  However, Errol and I felt that he was expending too much energy opening his mouth so wide to stay latched on to my nipple.  For this reason, we decided to put the breast milk in a bottle and see if he would eat easier with the smaller nipple.  He did!  He has consistently been downing 10-20 ml everytime we bottle-feed him.  This morning at two and again this afternoon at two, Thomsen received his entire feeding orally.  He drank the whole bottle (around 30 ml) in less than twenty minutes.  This is huge progress for our little man, and we’re very proud.  We are still sticking to the schedule of nippling him only once a shift because the process takes a lot out of him, and he needs to save his calories in order to gain weight.  Speaking of weight, he’s hanging in there at 1200 grams (2 lbs 10 oz).  The nutritionist told us today that the goal is to gain 12 grams a day.  Let’s hope!

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I apologize for the dearth of posts. We no longer have an internet connection in the room, and so getting on the net has been difficult. Thom continues to thrive in the NICU. He progressed to a full diet in only 9 days. Usually, this takes 14-21 days. Since then, he has gained enough weight to receive an extra 2 CCs at feeding time (he is at 24 CCs per 3 hours now). Moreover, his milk is being fortified with extra calories and nutrients to speed up his growth. He now weighs 2 pounds, 7 ounces. The biggest news of the last few days is that he is now practicing breastfeeding. He began that on Tuesday. He still gets his full feeding through his feeding tube. What he gets from the breast is only extra. He breastfeeds twice a day. So far, he is doing pretty well. He is very good at latching on. After that, he is unsure of himself. He spends most of his time with his mouth wide open staring at mom. He does some sucking and swallowing. All in all, he has been doing really well with the breastfeeding.

The other mildly large piece of news this week was our finding out that the insurance will not pay for a medical transport to Lincoln for Thom. We were hoping for this because that way we wouldn’t have to separate because of my (i.e., Errol’s) school. As it stands, I will have to leave on the 22nd. That means Anne will have to stay behind with Thom until Thom is released. Hopefully that will be within two weeks of my departure. Obviously, splitting up will be hard. Hopefully in 6 months it will all seem like a meager sacrifice.


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