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Thom was dancing up a storm until I got the camera out…

Frist Fest is amazing. Frist is Princeton’s version of a student union, and tonight they celebrated it in style. Lots of live music, balloons, free salads, popcorn, cotton candy, cookies, pop, pie, carnival games! The chef-made entrees were only $2 a ticket too. It was fantastic, and we enjoyed it with the company of our friends Samantha, Caleb, and Isaac. College campuses in the spring are really something special.


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We had originally planned on making our day trip into the city on Friday, but we’re having some weather issues if you can believe it (more snow…).  I called Dad Wednesday morning and said, “Change of plans.  Wear your ‘going to the city’ clothes today.  We’re headed to New York!”  The hour train ride went very well despite the fact that Thomsen ate almost my entire stash of snacks in that 60 minutes.

Once at Penn Station, we took the Subway to the upper west side and had a delicious lunch at Big Nick’s Burger and Pizza Joint.   We then walked through Central Park for our afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although looking at priceless works of art is nice, the Met isn’t very toddler-friendly.  After a few hours, we took the subway to Midtown and gave Rockefeller Center a quick look.  Thom was so pleased to see we had arrived while the Zamboni was cleaning the ice rink; however, he was equally disappointed when the skaters returned to the ice and none began to play hockey.  Sadly, my pictures of our time at 30 Rock didn’t turn out the best.  I think our camera was still on museum mode.  Later, we grabbed sandwiches at the nearby and spacious Fresh & Co.  It was perfect.

Times Square was next.  It was very…..bright.   On the way there, we walked past several of the networks, but Errol slowed down when we reached Fox News headquarters.  He said, “Oh my God, I think that is Glenn Beck.”  We looked through the window, and it was!  They were taping some stand-up talk show.  It wasn’t the celebrity-sighting we had hoped for.  (Dad really wanted to meet Cash Cab’s Ben Bailey).

We arrived at Penn Station, through the sea of tweens that were at Madison Square Garden to see the Black Eyed Peas, only to miss the 7.31 express train back to Princeton Junction by one minute.  So close!  We eventually got back to Princeton Junction and were informed (luckily) by another passenger that the Dinky doesn’t make this run.  They send a NJ Transit bus to transport everyone back to Princeton.  When we arrived in Princeton, it felt good to be back.  Dad’s hotel shuttle was waiting for him, and Thom, Errol, and I caught a bus almost immediately to give us a scenic tour of Princeton en route to our home.

It was a great day and a great trip.  Big shout-out to Dad for financing it!  THANK YOU PAPA!

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Morning at the Farm

This morning we went back to Terhune Orchards for their Read and Explore event.  The farm invites kids in for a story, a craft, and adventures around the farm.  We visited Terhune in October during pumpkin season but had a much better time today.  I believe that was mostly due to the addition of rain boots to our wardrobe.  The farm has been a very muddy place both times we went.  In the fall, Errol wouldn’t let Thom get out of the Ergo because he didn’t want him to get dirty.  Today Thomsen was given free range to run through puddles and pet lots of farm kitties.   He also did a great job during the structured time.  The Gingerbread Man was read and then huge gingerbread cookies were decorated. I knew Ts would do well at an activity that combined two of his favorite things: books and cookies.   Thomsen goes back and forth on what he wants to be when he gets older.  Most days it’s a farmer but some days  it’s a baker.  I think his dream is to ride in a tractor all day and eat cookies.  I wonder if he knows someone like that…

The family that runs the farm gave all participants a free decorated gingerbread house or a kit to make your own.  I chose the kit.  I feel like there will be lots of rainy afternoons in our future that will be needing to be filled.

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Making cookies

It poured all night and most of this morning.  Ts and I thought a good indoor activity would be to make cookies, and, yes, we did a lot of it on a kitchen chair.  We have very limited counter space!

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We had a great trip to DC this weekend.  We were nervous about the driving, but Errol did a great job.  I got to add the state of Delaware to my states visited list–pretty exciting.  We’re not big fans of toll roads or traffic, but it wasn’t all that bad–just quite a change from I-80. 🙂  On Thursday, we arrived at our hotel in Arlington and walked across the Francis Scott Key bridge to Georgetown.  We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at Clyde’s, and Thomsen was extremely patient with those of us that try to enjoy our food.  It was a great help that Abby was always willing to read him stories or share her lap.  Thanks, gal!

Friday we rode the Metro from Rosslyn to the Smithsonian.  Errol was very excited to show the Air and Space Museum to Thomsen.  Little boys (and big boys) are always very cute when they’re surrounded by planes.  My favorite part of Air and Space was reading about the women behind the Wright Brothers.  Susan and Katharine Wright sound like they were pretty fantastic.  We had a lovely lunch at Wall Street Deli, and then it was off to the National Gallery.  I had heard an NPR story about a photo exhibition there.  Robert Bergman’s photographs were very moving, and I always think it’s extra special when you have the opportunity to visit something they mention on All Things Considered.  That doesn’t happen too often to this Nebraska girl.  We braved the cold wind and dark clouds on a walk to the Washington Monument and the WWII Memorial.  Next, we were ready for an early supper and a little Husker football.  We ate at the Capitol City Brewing Company near Union Station.  It is inside the historic Postal Square Building and had great atmosphere.  We were the only Husker fans there and probably the only ones that cared about the game and that was a little awkward, but a win is a win!

Saturday was spent in Georgetown.  We had tried to go swimming in the morning, but the pool had hardly any water in it!  We spent some time at the Georgetown branch of DC Public Libraries.  Ab is such a good reader!  After a delicious lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso and a quick trip into the North Face store, we were on the road again.  After  Abby’s drop -off at BWI, Thomsen was quite distraught.  He sure loves his auntie and has been asking for her a lot these past few days.  Ab, you’re needed to do some stickers immediately.

It was an excellent trip and one I hope we can take again.

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Thomsen was crawling around the floor like a bear this morning.  I believe he was trying to use the slowest mode of transport when I asked him to come by me to get dressed.  We started talking about bears and how Mommy wants to go back to bed and hibernate… I asked my little cub if he wanted some honey.  He replied, “No! Hummy!”  Thomsen love hummus and asks for it several times a day.  We always correct him with the correct pronunciation but ‘hummy’ is so darn cute.

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Officially fall

This morning Thomsen and I went to the Farmers’ Market bright and early.  We parked at Chris’s house and walked the thirty minutes to the Haymarket.  I tried to walk fairly quickly because I was cold.  It must have been in the 50s with a breeze!  I always have these plans of how to avoid driving, and I have made the trip from Chris’s house to downtown countless times.  However, one thing that I failed to consider was the walk back to the car from the market.  It was exhausting!  I had T on front in the Ergo (30 lbs) and slung over my back was our duffle full of food: sweet corn, apples, tomatoes, meat, etc.  It was so heavy!  I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

Three signs fall has arrived:

1.  A definite chill in the air.  I am not sure it has made it to 70° yet today, and it is past two in the afternoon.

2.  Apples were being sold this morning at the market.

3.  This week, Thomsen’s jacket has been added to the list of “things to grab before we leave the house” in the mornings.

Oh, fall, I love you, but I know your arrival means that I’ll be leaving Lincoln soon.

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