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Pins and Needles!

Mom just called a few minutes ago to say that Kate was in labor and on the way to the hospital!  I’m so excited!  Will it be a boy or girl?!  She was due February 20th, so she is very ready to have this baby.  Everyone who reads this tonight, think of Kate and send her strength to give this world another beautiful baby.  WE LOVE YOU, KATE!

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Baby Mama Drama

At the recommendation of Kate and Abby, it would serve a need if I updated the blog about our little situation. So, here it is:

Errol and I had planned to leave Arizona and begin our drive to Nebraska on June 3o. On June 25, when our story begins, apartment notice had been given, moving truck scheduled, and good-bye party had. We had our monthly pregnancy visit the afternoon of the 25th and were told to come in an hour earlier for the appointment in order for another ultrasound to be taken. Our doctor had left a message on the 16th commenting on the low levels of amniotic fluid during the June 12 ultrasound. This pick-up led to blood tests, fetal monitoring, and an evening appointment at the hospital on Errol’s birthday for a biophysical profile.

Back to the 25th:

After the ultrasound, we waited in the clinic lobby for an hour or so for our regular doctor’s appointment. My name was finally called and my weight and blood pressure taken. Apparently, my pressure was high and was taken again once I got in the actual patient room. It was high again and the nurse got another cuff, and I was told to lie down on my left side. My pressure was taken again, and then the doctor came in. She told me that the amniotic fluid was low again this afternoon and my pressures were high. These were two big signs that the baby was not doing well and reasons why the baby was not growing on schedule. She requested that I go straight to the hospital to be monitored for 24 hours. At the beginning of the conversation, she told us to go to the hospital on Osborne (where we went for the BPP on Errol’s birthday), but by the end, she told Errol to take me to the hospital on Shea where the high risk pregnancy doctors were and where they would be equipped to handle the birth of a baby 12 weeks premature.

Errol and I arrived at the hospital a little before six, and I was immediately put on a fetal monitor, given an IV, and my pressure was taken at least once every hour. I was also given the first dose of a steroid that helps the baby’s lungs mature quicker than normal. Dr. Moon also ordered a 24 hour urine and the insertion of a foley catheter. Another biophysical profile was taken Monday night. Unfortunately, our little one didn’t do as well as the BPP taken the week before. On June 20, the baby scored an 8/8, and on Monday, the score was a 0/8. At this time, I had a feeling that this visit was going to be more than a 24-hour observation stay.

The catheter was removed 36 hours after insertion and the result of the urine test was not enough to lead to a diagnosis. They were looking for a protein level of at least 300 mg–high enough to diagnose me with preelampsia. My protein was only 270 mg. Nonetheless, I had to stay in the hospital and was visited by a number of doctors including the specialist who took care of the tiny preemies when they were born and every doctor in Dr. Moon’s practice. It was not a very good time for us, and I felt a bit neglected and shuffled between doctors not really knowing what had happened earlier. On top of that, we were in the middle of moving when all this began. Poor Errol had to pack up the rest of the house and the truck while I was stuck in the hospital. Thankfully, he received an unbelievable amount of help from his mother and got the truck loaded with Marc and Ryan Maves’ assistance. It was a situation that no one would wish upon anyone else, and I’m so glad that it’s over. Now Errol is able to spend all his time and nights with me here. It’s a bit odd that we don’t have a home anymore in Arizona, and we’re literally living in our hospital room, but I’m counting on this being a very good story in a few years.

The next week I was handed over to a perinatologist, and it has been great to have one doctor making the decisions and taking care of me. She ordered another 24 hour urine, and, thankfully, a catheter was not required this time. However, this test revealed my protein levels had jumped to 470 mg. After this, Dr. Francois diagnosed me with preeclampsia, and this is where we remain.

Preeclampsia begins with high blood pressure and high protein levels, but it progresses to liver and kidney failure in the mother. For this reason, I have my blood taken every Wednesday and Saturday to test for early signs of this. Once my organs start to fail, the baby will need to be delivered.

The good news is that the baby seems to be doing well. It had more than interval growth at last week’s ultrasound and apparently looks great on the monitor. Hopefully, the preeclampsia won’t progress too quickly so the baby can stay inside as long as possible. Today we made it to the 30 week mark.

That’s the update for now. I’ll try to do better with the postings.

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As most of you all know, Errol and I will be moving to Lincoln soon, and we’re expecting our first child in September. These are big changes, and I’m trying hard to make the proper adjustments to ensure the smoothest transition possible. I’ve encountered several challenges leading me to long for a morning when I’ll wake up, and I have secured a job and an apartment in Lincoln. The apartment is very dog-friendly and my future employer doesn’t care that I’m pregnant. Ah, I can dream.

Between panic attacks that this scenario will never materialize, I’ve enjoyed the past week and the end of semester festivites. The whole Thomsen gang was in town to watch Errol and I walk across the Gammage stage and receive our honors college medallions. Mom and Kate threw us a baby shower, and we made a quick trip to beautiful San Diego. The beach was absolutely fantastic, and although the Bright Eyes concert was a bit long for this old lady, I think that Errol enjoyed his graduation present.

I just bought a plane ticket home for fourth of July weekend. I haven’t seen the fireworks at Kearney County fairgrounds since 2004, and I’m excited to go back. I’m crossing my fingers that Errol finds a road trip companion so he’ll be able to join me.

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