Little Vinnie

At 16 months, Lavinia is so much fun.  She reminds me a lot of her cousin Phoebe.  She is constantly bringing me coats, costumes, shoes, and hats for her to wear.  When Thomsen is at school, she’ll spend all morning in his clothes.  Yesterday she clomped around the house in his soccer cleats.

When she is almost asleep, she’ll tap her right foot up and down for a half a minute or so.  

She has lots of words and loves to sing and dance.

I know it’s been too long since I wrote anything, and tonight I hopped out of bed to write all this down because I don’t want to forget.

A three month hiatus…

Looks like I took a bit of a blogging break.  Our summer I guess has been so great, we can’t even share any of it.  Some highlights include: joining Broadmead Swim Club, a month of fun in Nebraska, Thomsen’s 4th birthday and the parties, Lavinia’s baptism, a move to a larger place within Butler, Aunt Abby’s visits, Vin and my trip to DC, Lavinia eating and crawling, Thomsen jumping off the board.  It has been just a wonderful summer, and there is more fun ahead when we make another tour of New England before school starts.  Things are good.

I noticed my blog neglect when I came to enter Lavinia’s 9 month stats.  Here they are:

Weight: 19 lbs. 7 oz (50-75th percentile)

Height: 26 1/4 inches (10th percentile)

Head” 45.5 cm (75-90 percentile)  Question from the NP: “Do people in your family have big heads?” 🙂  Oh, yes.

Moments before bath

MVI_9069 a video by altlord on Flickr.

MVI_9056 a video by altlord on Flickr.

It was a rough (long) afternoon for us yesterday. Thomsen was bouncing off the walls so I slapped on all his rain gear and sent him out. It only lasted 15 minutes, but it was worth it. It reminded me of sending him in the snow, and I much prefer this. Thomsen must have thought of the winter too because shortly after he came in he asked if we could make snow ice cream in our new house too.

In the rain


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Happy in polka dots


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Lion tamer


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Intrigued by belts


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