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this past week went incredibly quickly. i really hope the next two and a half will go equally as fast. for some strange reason i thought i only had two finals this semester, but i noticed today that i have four… arg. hurry up, december 16!

our little vacation was loads of fun. i’m so happy that errol was able to be with me and get to know the fam. he got a taste of nebraska life with the husker game and a few meals at runza, and i don’t think he was too repulsed. yay! it will be even better when kate and jay are there at christmas.

there were a few low points over the week–i found out i need a root canal. boo. bright side–maybe i will be inundated with flowers and get well wishes. not hinting at all.

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words cannot express how eager i am to never work a 4-6 a.m. desk shift ever again. i hate having this interruption in my night’s rest. lately, i haven’t been able to resume my slumber when i get back from the desk and get stuck writing pointless posts at 6.27 in the morning for lack of anything else to do in the dark at such a god-awful hour. *sigh*

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just returned from a great time in yuma and am so happy that i am with someone who doesn’t mind driving on scary curvy mountain roads in the rain. i heart errol lord!

time with kate and jay was really fun. it’s good to be with people you can be completely yourself with and comfortable around. i wish there were more weekends like this.

the bad news is my hair is extremely short and errol tried to placate me with “it’s just thin.” eek. am worried that ab is going to make a bigger deal than usual that i’ve lost all my midwesterness. hopefully will reclaim some starting tomorrow.

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we volunteered at an elementary school carnival tonight, and it was amazing how well-behaved the kids were. i don’t know if it was because they are rich or just really happy to be bouncing around in a large giraffe. it was very unreal–in a good way. the only downside of it all was dealing with adults/peers after the event. when will those type of people stop being peers? and why does growing up change people for the worse everytime?

finding neverland was beautiful. i loved everything about it. i loved the conversation i had with ab on the way to the theater and very much enjoyed how easy it is to snuggle in camelview’s seats. it really made me want to return to europe. so did the prague convo with buttless today. i wish it weren’t so far and money was not an issue. i can’t wait to go with you someday, errol. i feel selfish that i want to be with you when you discover its magic for the first time. maybe you should go w/o me this summer and reclaim your “good son” title.

alas, tonight was full of moments that reinforced how right everything is with you.

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three days and counting, baby! thanksgiving is going to be amazing–can’t wait to see the fam and ab’s new car. 🙂 the only thing that would make it even greater would be if i could meet cesar…

errol’s a sick baby. all feverish and itchy. hopefully the prairie air will heal him or maybe yuma’s. we’re going to see kate and jay on saturday. should be good times–at least free food and laundry.

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mary triano is not letting me move to center. res life is officially out to get me.

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i’m getting really excited to go home in less than a week, but i have so much work to do. School is so discouraging–especially this semester. thanks to my short-lived thoughts of transferring on the last day of drop/add a few months back, i am stuck with classes that i don’t enjoy and worst of all, do not satisfy any requirement–nothing like useless classes. yes, it seems all they will do is lower my gpa. yes!


everything unrelated to school is marvelous. we went shopping yesterday, and it made me look forward even more to a life post-undergrad. simply living and being–maybe a little work. maybe.

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