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j.crew today was somewhat refreshing. can you believe it? instead of being on “the floor” trying to make as much profit as possible for corperate, i was put in the back room to take merchandise from boxes and unwrapping each piece and putting them in a pile. i did this for six out of the nine hour shift, and i loved it! well love could be exaggerating, but it was way better than what i usually do. the strangest thing was that all my coworkers felt sorry for me being the back all day… hopefully, i will get assigned this job again.

errol’s at barnes & noble. arg.

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tonight i watched the last few inning of an asu baseball game with ian. it was surprisingly cool and beautiful. after the game we went to four peaks. i got to see my friend from detective fiction class and catch up with ian. also, my former philosophy ta joined us, and although his news from princeton was lacking, it was a very good time. i realized after a sip of beer and some of a jack and diet coke, i really don’t like alcohol at all. i don’t think i’m going to drink it. it tastes gross. i wish errol would have been able to join us. i don’ t know if that ever will happen.

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when errol and i canceled our trip east, we decided to do some vacation-esque things here in phoenix. we’ve yet to see a baseball game, but this afternoon we visited the phoenix art museum and had a great time. fyi, the phoenix art museum is free on thursdays.

i worked another last-chance high school graduation again tonight. it was really trying because the majority of patrons didn’t understand english. i’m so shy when it comes to speaking spanish. even when i was taking it, i never attempted speaking to a native. bad me.

i start working at j.crew again tomorrow. hate that place. hate the service industry in general. want to become a self-sufficient hippie. not really.

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so, we were bad children and didn’t go to prescott. apparently, mama lord didn’t want a big deal made out of her birthday. got me. i love my birthday. presents, cake, what’s not to love?

we did get to see traveling pants though. it was fabulous–not as good as the book of course but still fabulous. errol even wants to read the book now. yay! go see it.

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finally got internet and tv at the apartment today. yay! young and the restless here i come!

i can’t believe the things one has to do for love. errol got a pass for an advanced screening of sisterhood of the traveling pants, and we’re not going because i think we should go to prescott for his mother’s birthday. i suppose i can wait until june 1 like everyone else. tear. tear.

we did see the third star wars on saturday. i thought it was better than the last but no where near as good as return of the jedi.

last night i was working a graduation ceremony at gammage, and this high school read a personal thanks and future plans for every graduate. it sounded more like elementary career day than a high school graduation. some more humorous examples were:

“After graduation Pedro plans on ruling the world.”
“Celeste plans on either being an administrative assistant or a pediatrician.”

I weep for the future.

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couple nights ago we went to kingdom of heaven. it’s good. made me proud to be a christian. err…

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ian’s dentist is amazing. he fixed my fallen crown and didn’t charge anything. yay dr buckley!

since i had to get up at the crack of dawn to get my teeth fixed, it wasn’t all that hot when we left the office. errol decided to employ the temperate weather and shoot balls and putt at dobson ranch. it was fun. i like watching him golf. i think he should turn pro. money problems would go away.

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