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I just had a huge moment in my little life–nevermind marriage or pregnancy. Tonight’s episode of What Not to Wear featured a pair of shoes I actually own. Here they are:

I’m very excited and want to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to Miss Claudia Casey. The Montauk Madras Charlie jacket was featured in the same outfit as my ballet flats, and I know it hangs in her closet. Bravo, Casey. Stacy and Clinton would be proud.

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Central Pho

This afternoon Errol and I took some time to enjoy the charms of central Phoenix.  We visited the marvelous Central Library that has some fantastic elevators and very scholarly-looking reading areas.  I thought about when I would do homework after school at Jensen Memorial, and as much as I liked that, doing homework on the fifth floor of a huge library in my own desk with its own lamp would have been much more glamourous.

After the library we crossed the street and took advantage of the Phoenix Art Museum’s free admission on Tuesday afternoons.  Although the visiting exhibit, Curves of Steel, was not included in the free Tuesday deal, we were able to see some of the cars, and they were pretty neat.  Speaking as someone who isn’t that thrilled with cars, I can’t imagine the reaction someone who loved cars would give. The exhibit leaves June 3–hurry.

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As most of you all know, Errol and I will be moving to Lincoln soon, and we’re expecting our first child in September. These are big changes, and I’m trying hard to make the proper adjustments to ensure the smoothest transition possible. I’ve encountered several challenges leading me to long for a morning when I’ll wake up, and I have secured a job and an apartment in Lincoln. The apartment is very dog-friendly and my future employer doesn’t care that I’m pregnant. Ah, I can dream.

Between panic attacks that this scenario will never materialize, I’ve enjoyed the past week and the end of semester festivites. The whole Thomsen gang was in town to watch Errol and I walk across the Gammage stage and receive our honors college medallions. Mom and Kate threw us a baby shower, and we made a quick trip to beautiful San Diego. The beach was absolutely fantastic, and although the Bright Eyes concert was a bit long for this old lady, I think that Errol enjoyed his graduation present.

I just bought a plane ticket home for fourth of July weekend. I haven’t seen the fireworks at Kearney County fairgrounds since 2004, and I’m excited to go back. I’m crossing my fingers that Errol finds a road trip companion so he’ll be able to join me.

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