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just returned from a fun-filled fling in flag. minus the unpleasant dental activities, was lots of good times. because we were horribly late leaving phoenix yesterday, i only got to watch one of the five sets of volleyball played. but i did get to talk to audrey and catch up on montana/minden news.

i’m sad we don’t have any trick-or-treaters. i’d love to see my axtell babies all dressed up tonight. happy halloween to everyone–whether you’re in love with me or not.

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errol says that only people that are in love with me check this. prove him wrong!

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yesterday i got stuck in an elevator for 60 minutes. a whole hour. hanna was convinced we were running out of air. if truth be known, i thought it was kind of fun.

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i guess it’s not really fair when i get a annoyed when people don’t update for awhile when the last post i made was two weeks ago… sorry.

the highlight of my blog hiatus was the presidential debate extravaganza that happened at asu on last wednesday the 13th. due to my sweet gig at gammage, i was able to work the function and got a couple of free commemorative mugs from anheuser-busch as well. score! it really was pretty amazing to have an event of such magnitude here on campus. cnn and msnbc set up stations in front of the mu and hayden lawn so a lot of sun devils got to be on tv, and lots of people had stories about waves from kerry or glimpses of the president from motorcade. i missed a lot of the action on wednesday because i was inside gammage hours before the debate began so i didn’t get to see kerry speak or the foo fighters play on tempe beach park. sadness. but it was pretty amazing to be inside the house during the debate. i saw such celebs as tom brokaw and michael j fox–it’s all about the celebrities don’t you know… i could go on and on about it all, but i’ll spare you.

everything else is well and good. four weeks from monday we’ll be on a plane home.

ps–i love errol lord.

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four months from today i’ll be the big 2-1. yay! hello new orleans…

this day is also monumental because i’m vowing that as of today, i will never give less than 50% effort to my studies because, really, that’s just bad form.

other than school, i couldn’t be happier. thanks, lord. (that’s code for errol).

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have recently discovered that i am an incredible slacker where school is concerned. haven’t done hardly any work all semester and am having a horrible time just answering two stinking discussion board questions for my survey class. don’t get me started on plant bio. errol did my homework last night. am also really hoping mom does not read this post. in better news, chris just told me we have four new baby kitties at the house. i hope we have a warm fall so i’ll get to see them at thanksgiving. ahh. thanksgiving. wish it were then.

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