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errol discovered this list, and i found it very interesting. i’d just like to boast that j.crew and barnes and noble both give 100% of their political donations to democrats. check the rest of the list out. you’ll be surprised.


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so, that party was super-fun. we played apples to apples, catchphrase, and cranium, and some great people showed up too. yay for friends!

tonight at work i unloaded new merchandise for a couple hours then helped rearrange the store and move in the fall line. i don’t think people know how much work goes into the look of a clothing store–i certainly didn’t.

this afternoon on the way back from panda, errol spotted the teddy bear lady. this time she had all her friends in a grocery cart. genius.

i really haven’t done any work for school this week. i think i’m in need of a schedule. yes!

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i’m excited for the game party! there is a big bowl of swedish fish in the kitchen calling my name. i hope people have a good time. too bad errol’s not here.

i spent last night and today at j.crew. it wasn’t too bad. we have a gorgeous fall line. i think i’m going to buy some boots.

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yesterday was a really nice day. not weather-wise of course, but a lot of nice things happened. first, a saw one of my old residents from center in the mu bathroom, and we had a nice exchange. it was 30 seconds of genuine interest from both sides, and that was it. perfect. then, i decided to take the flash to the bus stop instead of walking there because i had an extra bag, and it was hot. on the flash, was a girl who lived on my floor freshman year and was an ra with me at center for a semester. we had a nice chat, and then she got out at lot 59. five minutes later, i was standing in the sun waiting for my bus to come on mill across from monti’s. all of a sudden i heard my name being called across the street. julie had driven by, seen me, and pulled over to ask if i needed a ride. wasn’t that nice? a short bus ride home (also nice) let me take a long shower and relax on the couch reading richard peck’s the river between us until errol called. sue and killian were in town, and he was golfing with his brother. sue took us out for a delicious meal at red lobster, and it was really fun.

didn’t i have a nice day?

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the first days of school have been fine. i’m saving money, gas, and the environment by taking the city bus to campus everyday. it’s been ok. yesterday there was a lady with one teddy bear in her lap that she talked to most of the ride and four others lined up right beside her. twas a bit strange. tonight the bus didn’t have air-conditioning. boo. however, i think i’ll survive, and it will be a lot better once it cools down a bit.

tonight i went to barnes and noble to visit errol and got a copy of the awakening for a dollar. score! i’ll pull a kate: “shout out to barnes and noble clearance table!”

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ok, i’ll try this again. a few days ago i had written about half a post and the stupid computer restarted, and i lost it.

chicago was fabulous. when we arrived on wednesday, we managed to successfully haul all our suitcases and golf clubs across the city to our hostel that was very close to loyola. we wandered around campus a bit then headed on a redline train toward the loop. big cities are wonderful. i know that technically, we live in a big city now, but phoenix just doesn’t have that cosmopolitan feel. we walked to millenium park and heard a good bit of a concert. they have this huge outdoor amphitheater set up, and hundred of people were lounging on the lawn with the picnics and families enjoying the music. i really liked it. that night we boarded a free trolley to navy pier to watch some fireworks. the show was the best i had ever seen (kearney county’s hard to beat, i know). we did a lot of people-watching there made friends with some Hasidic jews.

we woke up thursday a bit toasty–more like, sticky. our hostel didn’t have air-conditioning so we were in for some very warm nights. to cool off, we traveled north to evanston to check out northwestern. not really knowing what stop on the purple line gets us there, we randomly chose davis. we looked at the map in the station and figured we weren’t that far–just a short walk a way. hours later, drenched by the rain, we flagged a cta bus down to take us back to a train station where we could start over and take more care in what direction we turned. we finally got to northwestern and spent a lot of time in the bathroom under the hand dryers. our shirts simply would not dry so we made a quick trip to the bookstore and now have some styling northwestern apparel. the rain finally let up while we breaked for a slice of sbarro pizza and got to walk around a gorgeous campus. that night we walked the magnificent mile and enjoyed a delicious ghiradelli’s sundae. it was a domingo. yum!

friday involved a long train ride to hyde park where we toured university of chicago. this was definitely a self-guided tour. the place must have something against building signs and readable maps. although we never found a union or the current philosophy department, we had a nice time admiring all the buildings. u of c is pretty much the opposite of asu campus-wise. the buildings there reminded me a lot of the ones at cambridge. after stuffed pizza at edwardo’s and a visit to the 59th st bookstore, we headed north to see UIC. public schools just have a different feel to them. everything was well-marked and people were there to give you maps and tell you where to go. thumbs up for uic info desk people. we spent friday night in lincoln park and enjoyed the tastes of la creperie. i had a nutella crepe. it was heaven.

we dreaded saturday because we were having such a good time and did not want to go through dragging around all our stuff again, but it came regardless of our opinion. we spent a good amount of time in the chicago public library. that place is amazing. i would feel so honored if i had a library card there. next, errol really wanted to find a hamburger joint called mister j’s. so we walked up state and enjoyed some very scrumptious burgers and shakes. by that time, it was time to go back to the hostel, get our stuff, and ride trains for a long time to get to the airport. crying babies aside, it wasn’t that bad, and we made it. at this point, i feel totally confident in saying that i would like to move to chicago, and i think errol feels good about the schools there. we’ll see what the future has in store for us.

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i’ve gotten a little sicker the past few days so the franklin plans were dashed for today. hopefully, the golf trip to gothenburg will happen. i feel bad for errol that he doesn’t seem to do much. i think the cats are keeping him entertained for the most part.

speaking of cats, tonight errol said, “look! that one has a mouse in its mouth!” after closer examination, we realized that it was a newborn kitten. ah, the circle of life. socks dead but another alive today. i hope the mama cat doesn’t do a great job of hiding them. i want to see them before we leave on tuesday.

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